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Posting that I would like to submit...

I am assuming that you would want me to post something here for the people who are interested in this... I can link to is from my livejournal, but I'm not sure how to do it... So it's all good.

What kinds of things are we going to chat about here? I have lovely stuff in my journal from idiots.

Or I can post positive stuff, too, which is cool. I think that positive stuff is best. But that's just me.

Alrighty then. An intro. I am Carrie Vaughn aka DarkGoddess2478 or Posion. I am the location coordinator for PPD Findlay. (This is the part for people who are meeting all of us and our madness and insanity for the first time!

Here is a pic if you are interested...


Welcome to the community. Come in and take off your shoes. We love to see you all here.

Okay, that's enough for me. I am being silly now.
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