Dark Goddess (darkgoddess2478) wrote in ppdfindlay,
Dark Goddess

June Update

I have just sent the June Update to our new Regional Coordinator, Jill Medicine Heart. Things are coming along swimmingly.

Our event hasn't changed. However, we DO have a fundraiser in the works for all interested...

The event in on July 3rd, 2004 in front of Salem West in Columbus. We are having a psychic fair complete with tarot readings and astral charts. We will be working from 2-8 pm. Come out and visit us! For more information, contact our Fundraiser Coordinator Mystie Dragonfly at mystiedragonfly@yahoo.com

Other than that, things are progressing well. We are mainly just waiting time out and looking for sponsors. If anyone knows of people willing to donate items for a raffle, get ahold of them.

We are also looking for a few good volunteers to stick up flyers all over the place in the last of August/first of September and also to leave flyers in local stores or shops who would allow it to be posted. I, personally, am going to hit up Paradise Pizza, considering one of the delivery boys came to my house with a pentacle the size of a Pinto. *grins*

Anyone have more suggestions for PPD Findlay? Send 'em along!
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