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Details to come soon!

Watch this space for more details concerning the goings-on and plans coming for this year's PPD. If you're not part of the Yahoo! group you also may want to consider joining eet. I have, however, promised to keep updates here too. Enjoy!
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Did you, or someone else in this year's PPD Findlay, want to take over this community? I've been holding it for some time now, but there's no reason why I need to remain the sole maintainer. (Carrie might also be one, I don't remember, but that's a moot point.)
Valerie and I are attempting to organize it this year, you might as well give it to me since she blogs on her own website instead of using lj.
It's all yours, my friend. ;-) I removed myself as maintainer, as well as Carrie (she was a maintainer after all), and added you as one.